As We Grow Children's Clothes Now in Stores

Mýrin is an Icelandic Design shop located in shopping mall Kringlan.  They were the first shop to start selling our line.  We are so happy with how Karitas, the lovely shop assistant, arranged the clothes on display.

We are happy to aanounce that you can now get As We Grow at Barnabúðin, Mýrin and Rammagerðin

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Snoop-Around Interviews the As We Grow Team

The Snoop-Around people came to visit us for some photos and info about our label.

[caption id="attachment_469" align="aligncenter" width="614"] María, Me (Guðrún) and Gréta. Photo: Nanna Dís[/caption]


To read the interview and see more pictures go to Snoop-Around

It is also published in issue 14 2012 of The Reykjavik Grapevine

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Al Fresco Dining in Iceland

We are using these last days of summer to dine outside before it gets too cold. It doesn´t need to be anything fancy, just some meat, potatoes and sauce from a jar, a bottle of red wine is essential.  Hot dog for the kids and you´re all set.


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My good reason for not blogging

This little, perfect boy was born on 16. June and he has been my reason for this long blogging hiatus. He is absolutely perfect and we could not be happier. His 5 year old brother is also extremely kind to him which is a great relief.  He doesn´t have a name yet but we will give him one soon enough.

As for our products, they will be sent from Perú at the end of the month and will be stores in Iceland, Copenhagen and Berlin from Mid-September. Very exciting for us. I´ll keep you posted.



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Introducing Our New Danish Reseller Astas


One of our retailers for next winter will be this beautiful Danish shop Astas. It is located at Nicolaj Plads 11 in Copenhagen. Christina Krøyer is the owner of the boutique and she also designs exclusive pieces for the shop´s  own label.

Christina has created a unique universe with carefully selected childernswear and we believe As We Grow will fit in perfectly when it arrives in the fall.

These wooden clogs are truly scandinavian in form and color. I wish they came in my size.

Astas is located at Nicolaj Plads 11, 1067 København K. Opening hours: Mo-Thu 11-17:30, Fr 11-18, Sa 10-15.

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The First Day of Summer in Iceland

Today marks the official start of summer here in Iceland. Schools are closed and we celebrate, some of us even receive a little gift that has to do with summer, maybe a skipping rope or a kite.

There is also a Children´s Cultural Festival going on in Reykjavik so there is an unusual amount of activities to choose from.


The Festival is held now for the second time 17.-22. of April.  With almost 200 events to choose from the aim is to increase cultural interest with children.

The picture above is from the opening event where 1100 9-10 year olds danced in synchrony at the Harpa Concert Hall by the harbour.

There are so many activities to choose from, including: Lego workshop, kite factory, Biophilia music factory, Origami, Charlie Chaplin´s The Circus at the cinema and so on and so on...

For a program pdf click here

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The Design March Event in Reykjavik

The Design March has become a yearly event here in Reykjavik. Designers all over town put their newest creations on display for a few days and there are several events to choose from. One of these events was held at Spark Design Space where designers and farmers put their collaboration of the last four years on show. This is a project that focuses on matching designer with farmers to develop produce of the highest quality.





The dining table with new food products on display.


We were offered a cocktail made with skyr and birch-liquor with cinnamon buns on top. Delicious.

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Maria's Miniature Toy Collection Unveiled

Maria Th. Ólafsdóttir is one of two designers at As We Grow. She has a very busy household with four children and a dog and yet she manages to keep her home so inspiring and beautiful. We took a few pictures there with descriptions in Maria´s own words.
"A little hobby of mine for some years now is to collect miniature toys. I display them in a window shelf that is just high enough for my youngest twin boys not to reach. When I tell them: "just look , not touch" they squint their little eyes like they are touching the toys with their eyes. Very cute : ) "
" This little ornament is handmade in Peru ! We at As We Grow love good craftsmanship anywhere it appears !"
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About Mjot Designer Products For Kids & Home

When doing our first trade show at CPH Kids in February, we had been warned not to have too high expectations because we are new and need to show that we will be sticking around. Then a brave young woman from Germany made an order. She was our very first customer at the trade show and we are proud to present her beautiful shop in Berlin called Mjot.

Mjot sells designer products for kids and for the home. Carefully handpicked by the owner Christiane. We believe As We Grow will fit perfectly into the atmosphere at Mjot. We will be delivering the fall/winter 2012-13 in early august.

Mjot is located at Friesenstraße 5, 10965 Berlin. Opening hours: Mo-Fr 11-18, Sa 11-15.

p.s. We will blog about more stores carrying As We Grow in the near future.

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An Update From the As We Grow Team


A little update from the As We Grow office. We have been busy as bees following up on contacts and placing production orders. With no idea what to expect when we started out we are really chuffed at the feedback and reception we have gotten. Besides being interviewed by the most read daily newspaper in Reykjavik, we have also been the subject at many lovely blog sites. Here are some of them: Little Scandinavian, Tusindfryd, Junior Magazine and Luna Magazine. Please check them out.

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Why Reykjavik City Library is Great For Children

We would like to introduce you to some of our favorite places in Reykjavik. Starting with the Reykjavik City Library. It is located by the harbor and has a beautiful view over the ocean. I go there regularly with my son because  their children's  department is so nice. Children under eighteen can get a free library card and borrow up to 15 books.

A small corner in the children´s department.

Apart from Icelandic, you can get books in the Scandinavian languages...

...And in English of course.

There is an easel with a paper roll and some colored pencils to draw with. My 4yr old son drew this at our last visit. "Takk" means thank you in Icelandic.

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A Needle Felting Tutorial to Decorate or Repair

I found this beautiful needle felting tutorial here. I think this is a great method for fixing holes in knitwear.  You can also do this as a preventive measure on elbows and knees. I just bought a felting needle today an I am going to try this out over the weekend.

You should also check out the rest of the blog, honestly...

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