Junior Magazine Awards For the Best Eco Brand

Junior Magazine Awards For the Best Eco Brand


We are so happy to share with you that AS WE GROW won the prestigious Junior Design Awards, Gold for Best Eco Brand this week and to be described by the jury with these wonderful words.


"One of our favorite kid´s clothing labels - the natural fibers and quality finish really set them apart and the fact that they are crafted with such high ethical standards makes them a beacon for other brands to look to."  


"As we grow is one of the first brands that really talked about how important timelessness is and that clothing should be recycled/upcycled/passed on from generation to generation.
We love!"


Eco brand awards - as we grow


We will continue to focus on the niche of the market that is ready to go on a journey with us, with the aim of being more aware of nature, fairness, and quality. Marketing guru Seth Godin speaks about tribes – groups of people gathered around brands that share values, beliefs, and causes; these tribes, Godin says, can at best change the world.  



"We all feel really passionate about putting a halt to fast fashion and overconsumption. We want to create products in a slower and more human, ethical way".


These awards are very motivating for us and brings more attention and visibility for us” says Gréta Hlöðversdóttir CEO and co-founder of the brand. 

“We have since we started the company in 2012 focused on sustainability and responsible consumption and production and following our convictions has meant that As We Grow has traveled steadily against the mainstream in an industry ruled by mass production and consumerism".



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