An Interview With Caperberry’s Editor Olivia Sewell

An Interview With Caperberry’s Editor Olivia Sewell

Tell us about you and your family…

I grew up in a small village in West Kent, moved around a little bit, spent some time in Byron Bay, before returning home, finding love and bringing my little boy, Max (now 20 months) into the world. Oh, and there will soon be another little one joining us in the Spring! We live in a sweet Oast house (typical of Kent), every morning there are about 15 deer nibbling on the trees at the end of our garden – it really is idyllic.

Tell us about Caperberry

Caperberry is filled to the brim with carefully curated products, interviews and hand-picked brands. It’s for mothers who, like me, love the world of motherhood, can’t resist a sweet baby knit or a wooden teether whilst still wanting to keep their identity, interests and entrepreneurial streak alive and raring. It’s for the mums that love to travel (with and without their kids in tow), good food and a really good book on the coffee table.


As a magazine editor juggling your work with motherhood, what is your top tip for women who want to combine a successful freelance career with family demands?

Prioritise, accept help and coffee. Lots of coffee! When deadlines are looming – ask for help from family and friends, this way when you’re with your children, phones can be put aside, emails can wait and they can have your full attention… (My advice pre second baby!)


What are the first things you look out for when dressing Max?

I love dressing Max in anything that’s been passed down from family and friends. Which explains why I’m drawn to pieces that I imagine becoming family heirlooms of our own - the knits that our next baby will get as much wear and love out of as Max does.


The best tips for dressing stylish children are..

Having a favourite colour palette (but not being too strict about it), choosing good quality over quantity (when it looks like it won’t last, it probably won’t!) and staying true to what you like (trends come and go, but classics always stick around).


What I like most about As We Grow is…

Their commitment to slow fashion and their beautifully classic designs. There’s no funny business, just really good quality craftmanship and timeless style.


Have you ever visited Iceland?

Not yet! I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, to the point of having a pretty solid itinerary mapped out! From riding native ponies through the Troll Peninsula to humpback whale spotting, and of course, swimming in the infamous Pool Lagoon… Ah maybe next year!


What does Max like doing most, what are his hobbies?

He’s always loved being outside, so woodland walks are a regular thing. He’s recently started to enjoy drawing and painting, which often results in green legs, purple skirting boards and a few days scribbled out in my diary!


My favourites pieces from the As We Grow AW19 collection are…

The Peter Pan Shirt, Sailor Sweater and the Alpaca Baby Hat – so soft and so sweet! Oh and we recently featured the Pocket Dress in our Caper Christmas shoot in the most gorgeous navy check.






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