As we Grow believes in making beautiful, functional pieces to last forever. We trust our instincts when it comes to designing clothes and weave together many elements of style while holding true to our perfected classics. The brand is fascinated by the seventies era which is when we were young children ourselves. Therefore, to catch the lively spirit of childhood, retro cuts run through the collection. Back from our archive this year, is everybody’s favourite, the Colour-block Cardigan and the mountain jacquard cardigan, with plain wooden buttons. Now in new colourways that are not to be missed. There may be a few shades of blue, but these pieces will keep you warm enough to want to hide in them. Back from our grownup archive this year, is our knitted poncho and scarf in a new colour dip version, along with the classical ones and our sailor sweater is now available for all the family and friends.

As ever, the design direction stays true to As We Grow’s philosophy of producing timeless and sustainable made clothing that can be passed through friends to family, and generations through generations.


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