Autumn Winter ’17


Our brand new line for fall/winter 2017-2018 is inspired by a book from the 50’s by Kathleen Mellor that teaches children how to get dressed by themselves. We fused the inspiration with our Nordic roots and design heritage to bring you a wonderful array of unique and classic looks.


The collection was created to enhance the experience of getting dressed and to enable the children to move with ease and confidence. Each piece is crafted with the most delicate hand in premium materials and infused with the story, passion and purpose of the country they represent, Iceland.


The colour palette embraces blue in many forms, earthy, highland tones and pops of bright pink and seafoam. Functional essentials that live up to the fewer, better philosophy that is the heart of As We Grow.


These items will keep your young ones warms for years to come … maybe even decades!

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