Our Story

AS WE GROW is an Icelandic design company, which executes “slow fashion”. No mass production is used and only eco-friendly raw materials are chosen in the production of each garment.  The pieces are simple yet luxurious and designed to grow with the child.

A true story

Since hand knitting is part of Icelandic culture and we all learn to knit in school when we are children, we share a certain awareness of time and love associated with knitted pieces of clothing. AS WE GROW is developed around a true story about a knitted sweater’s journey from one child to another over several years. The sweater became a part of the friendship and history of the families involved, and in a way it linked a chain of people together.

Based on the story of the sweater, AS WE GROW has built a growing design company with an ambitious, sustainable approach to the use and life cycle of its products, resulting in less waste. For its contribution, the brand received the Icelandic Design Awards, which is the highest and most prestigious award for Icelandic Design.

Buy Better

Our goal is to encourage people to buy fewer and better things, to stay warm and look good with less, to take positive action to reduce clothing waste and ensure responsible consumption and production.

When we say better things, we mean things that are mindful of the environment and the community. From the beginning, we have believed in designing products that offer real value to their users. This means, offering garments that last over generations, as well as always being mindful of the environment and the community. Each AS WE GROW piece is fair trade for the benefit of all people.

We use natural, renewable, sustainable materials that emphasize conservation and lead to environmentally sound products. Our alpaca wool is a fiber that does not come at the expense of the environment. Every stage of our production is ethical, which is very important to us.

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