A New Partnership with Aurora Foundation Established

AS WE GROW is collaborating together with Aurora Foundation, in connecting Icelandic and Sierra Leonean designers and craft makers towards establishing a cooperative platform where both parties can learn and benefit from one another.

Aurora Foundation is a non-profit foundation supporting cultural and social projects in Iceland and Africa, and by introducing, through AS WE GROW, the artisans and craftspeople of one of the poorest places in the world we hope to raise awareness of the courageous people of Sierra Leone and simultaneously broaden our horizon.



We wholeheartedly believe that through sharing ideas, working together and learning from one another we can make a profound impact and improve lives.

All products born of this collaboration project will be produced under the label, Sweet Salone. Salone meaning Sierra Leone in Krio, one of the main languages spoken in Sierra Leone, and Sweet Salone is the nickname the locals have given their own country. Each product’s label will additionally introduce the person responsible for making the respective good. The philosophy of the Sweet Salone project is a perfect fit for AS WE GROW and the ideology behind the brand, knowing exactly where the products come from and who is responsible for every step of the production.

Products and ideas resulting from this bilateral design initiative have far exceeded our dream. The quality of the products produced by the local craftspeople has significantly increased while our designers have managed to push the local craftspeople well beyond their comfort zone. Together we have produced new products in a traditional Salone manner from almost entirely local materials that directly reflect their country of origin yet are based on an Icelandic design.

By means of this project, we hope to support the design and crafts industry in Sierra Leone and to help protect traditional craftsmanship and materials that might otherwise disappear. We believe in supporting the craftspeople of Sierra Leone so that they can afford a decent life and simultaneously broaden the horizon of our designers. Last but not least our goal is to create beautiful and valuable objects from sensitive and smart design.

It is our great desire that these products will have a much broader appeal and eventually be found all over the world. It is our utmost desire that the sale of these products marks the beginning of something much bigger down the line.


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