Share your As We Grow Story

Over the years we have heard hundreds of stories about our products and the way in which you got to know our brand. Stories like how they have been passed down through generations, withstood difficult weather, or how it's your kids comfort sweater that makes them feel warm.

Now we want to cherish them in a more special way and have them written down.

Click here to share your story with us 

With each story you will receive a new 10% code.

After a week (on the 7th of February) our team we will choose the best story and announce the winner to receive a gift card of 50,000kr. ( $360 )

We appreciate your loyalty to the brand and have loved to see you Grow with us over the years… Keep an eye out for your story in our next ad.

We are excited to hear your As We Grow story.

Kristin Osk Gudjonsdottir
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