Sustainable design and production for children and grownups

As We Grow creates sustainable clothes for children and grownups.  The idea is to create clothes that last longer – cuts for childrens wear are such, that one size equals to 4 standard children’s clothing sizes, quality is superb and the design timeless and classic. 

Sustainability goes through our entire operations: we use the best, most environmentally friendly materials and operate socially responsibly, working with entire communities wherever possible. And finally, we encourage more sustainable use of children’s clothing, return to clothes that last longer, away from fast-paced seasonal thinking and throw-awayism. 

The idea is based on a true story about a sweater that went from child to child for years in our family. When one child grew out of it, the sweater was always passed on to the next one. We thought that we woiuld want to create more clothes like that  – that connect entire families and last over generations. 

It all started with a woolen sweater. A mother in Reykjavík knitted a woolen sweater for her son. After years of use, he eventually grew out of it, and the sweater was passed on to a friend’s daughter. For a while the little girl refused to wear much else. Eventually, the sweater moved on again, to the next family. One winter it got lost, but as spring came the sweater appeared from underneath a pile of snow in the backyard. With a bit of care it was as good as new again. Captured in photos in family albums, carried in backpacks on countryside hikes, folded in wardrobes in kids’ rooms from Reykjavík to Akureyri, Amsterdam and back, the sweater has been traveling from one child to another as a hand-me-down amidst this group of friends and family for well over a decade now. 





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