Celebrating 7 Years Since Opening Our First Store

Celebrating 7 Years Since Opening Our First Store

We are so excited to be celebrating 7 years this month which coincides with the opening of our new shop in Reykjavik. The new shop is located at Garðastræti 2
Reykjavik, Iceland.

We look forward to welcoming you there.

As We Grow started in 2012, inspired by the story of a woolen sweater knitted in Reykjavik, which has enjoyed life as a ‘traveling heirloom’.
For over a decade this garment has been passed on from boy to girl; loved, worn, lost and found again, temporarily finding a home in Amsterdam and acquiring a shared history in the wardrobe and memories of many a child.
As we approach our anniversary, our pieces are still conceived with an enduring quality that will appeal over several generations.

An emphasis on traditional design recalls a homespun feel from the days when
clothing was often made, not bought. This is why our clothing is designed with sizing that can last longer than a year so for example, the sizes go from 6-18 months, 3-5 years and 6-8 years.
Made in Peru using biodegradable materials such as Alpaca, wool and Pima cotton and linen, As We Grow ensures that every step in the process of bringing each of its items to life is a sustainable one.


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