Playtime Paris 2015

It´s that time of year again. The creme de la creme of childrens clothes on display at Parc Floral de Paris. We are of course talking about the Playtime Paris trade fair. As We Grow will of course be there with a beautiful line of knitwear and more. If you are in Paris next weekend you can find us there at booth nr. M16.


Playtime Paris will be open from January 31st to February 2nd.


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As We Grow Featured in Collezioni Bambini

 As We Grow in Collezioni Bambini, june 2013.

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The Inspiration of Nostalgic Objects at Home

We took a few inspiring and beautiful pictures at the home of Maria, one of the two designers at As We Grow, where she lives with her husband, four children, a dog and a cat, and asked her to describe them with her own words.  

"I am so very happy with my new car. Just love the color. Thanks Vaka for making it for me : )"
"Got this artwork from the official "street artist of Reykjavík". Still remember the feeling when walking with my mom, just a little girl, windowshopping in the city center".

"Do recommend this "multible-monkey-machine" for your kids, educational and great fun!". 

"My mom just gave me her old dolls. I am so happy that they are finally mine, even though I am in my forties!"

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As We Grow Clothing Sold at The Blue Lagoon

We had to fill up on the stock at the Blue Lagoon and since we had already driven all the way out there we decided to go in. It was such a beautiful day and it felt wonderful, especially since we got to try the new Algae Mask . Our skin looked so nice we didn´t dare put any makeup on afterwards.


The As We Grow table at the Blue Lagoon shop.



Some days can be very hard work...


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Atmo in Reykjavik Now Selling As We Grow Clothing

Atmo is a design store at the top of Reykjavik´s main shopping street Laugavegur.  There you can find the cream of the crop from Icelandic designers.  Clothes, books, music, beauty products and more.  Some of our favorites include: Steinunn, Vík Prjónsdóttir and Crymogea.  If you are visiting downtown, this is the place to go.





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How to Deal With Knitwear Pilling

When you have a new piece of quality knitwear you undoubtably have to deal with some pilling, especially in places where there is friction.  Generally alpaca is known for pilling less than both sheep´s wool and cashmere. Here is how I deal with it.

grandpa sweater pilling



I bought a sweater-stone at my local yarn shop and just brush it over the garment in the same direction as the stitches. It is best if you hold the garment a little stretched while doing this.

sweater stone


After seven minutes my son´s sweater looked like this. All done.

no pilling


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Our Attendance at Playtime Paris

Tomorrow we are leaving for Paris. Yeeha!

Looking forward to showing everyone our winter 2013 collection at booth H38.



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Happy New Year From the Team at As We Grow

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Mýrin Open a New Store by the Harbour

Mýrin opened a new store at Geirsgata 9, just by the harbour.  Of course we used the opportunity and threw a party. We got lucky because Steinunn Vala, at Hring eftir hring, made beautiful children´s necklaces to coordinate with the As We Grow clothes.

The new store is especially nice and many things caught my eye. This is the place to go on a splurge, I left there with a mint green, graphic candleholder from Finnsdottir. It´s my christmas gift to me.

After your shopping trip I recommend sitting down at in-house restaurant Mar, designed by cool couple Karítas and Hafsteinn at Haf.

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Featured in Icelandair Saga Shop Collection Brochure

We are proud to be in the new Icelandair Saga Shop Collection brochure, page 68. Now, you can buy As We Grow unique, alpaca hats and scarfs when flying with Icelandair.

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Are We Overdressing in Modern Life?

I was reading a magazine the other day and they recommended a book by Elizabeth L Cline called Overdressed The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.  It instantly hit a note with me and now I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

In the meantime I have been reading some of Elizabeth´s articles and I found these two quite intriguing: What´s Behind Cheap Chic Fabrics? and The History of a Cheap Dress. I am certainly no saint when it comes to cheap fashion but  I believe it is better to be informed when choosing to buy something. Being aware is the first step.

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As We Grow Children's Clothes Now in Stores

Mýrin is an Icelandic Design shop located in shopping mall Kringlan.  They were the first shop to start selling our line.  We are so happy with how Karitas, the lovely shop assistant, arranged the clothes on display.

We are happy to aanounce that you can now get As We Grow at Barnabúðin, Mýrin and Rammagerðin

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